Andrei Șișman

Fiction Writer and Memoirist

Andrei Șișman is a fiction author and memoirist based in Bucharest, Romania. He is currently wading through a forest of banalities in search of the perfect Tweet. By trade a lawyer, his literary work has appeared or is forthcoming in Every Day Fiction, Flash Fiction Magazine, Drunk Monkeys, and other places.



This Morning I Lost My Favorite Sock and I Knew the World was Ending (The Drabble, June 2021)

The Captain (Every Day Fiction, April 2021)

Snow-Fox vs. Leukemia (Flash Fiction Magazine, April 2021)

The Systemic Acquisition of a Blooming Rose, One Morning (Rune Bear, April 2021)

This Storyteller is a Fan of Romance Novels (The Daily Drunk, March 2021)

A Feudal Tale of Toilet Troubles (The Daily Drunk, January 2021)

Cadenza (White Cat Publications, October 2020)

Drop, Drop, Drop (, August 2020)


The Golden Boy (Drunk Monkeys, forthcoming)


Stories from Home: Creative Writing in the Time of Social Distancing (self-published, in collaboration with Robin Wildt Hansen, March 2020)

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